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2020 Speakers

Linda Goetze

President/CEO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Mike Wons headshot

Michael Wons

GovTech Strategy Advisor and Chief Client Officer (CCO) at PayIt

Dennis O’Neill

CEO, O’Neill Capital Advisors

Dr. Saroj Gupta

Founder/CEO Asuun

Dale Werts

Partner, Lathrop GPM

Tedrick Housh

Partner, Lathrop GPM

Caroline Lynch

Founder and owner of Copper Hill Strategies, LLC.

David Pitt

Principal Consultant and Managing Partner, Keyhole Software.

Professor Del Wright Junior

Professor Del Wright

Associate Professor of Law, UMKC School of Law

Daniel Riedel

CEO of New Context

Jim Wrbanek

Head of Sales | Compliance Solutions | Community Bank

Travis Wright

Co-founder & CMO, CCP Digital
San Francisco / Kansas City / NYC
Author, Wiley Books, DIGITAL SENSE

Kevin McGinnis

President & CEO of the Keystone Community Corporation

James Woods

Principal Security Architect at Certus Cybersecurity

Jay Schulman

Principal, Consulting